Michal Slonina. He started in 2007. Breakdance for him is biggest way of life. When he has possibilities he just dancing. He won a lot of dance competitions. He was trained by famous dancers. He loves performing dance shows. He is also developing others dance styles. He has dance instructor license, he runs a lot of dance classes and workshops.
















Jakub Dulak aka Kevin. His dance experience started at 2009.From beginning I’ve tried performing my own style. Very fast I’ve become dance knowledge-greedy. It was great way for traveling and dancing. My passion is of course dancing but I like traveling as well, so from beginning I’ve tried to combine two of these passions. I’ve competed in many workshops, dance events, competitions and so on….. I always try to emphasize original style in dancing. Freedom for me is always on the first place. Below I described few of my achievements:
Fluido Jam / Italy, Chelles Battle Pro / France, Winter Jam / Ukraine, Battle of the Year / Belarus, Outbreak Europe / Slovakia, Vilnius Street Battle / Lithuania, Art of Breaking / Poland, Style Season / Poland, Red Bull BC One / Poland, Warsaw Challange / Poland, Konfrontacje / Poland, Stylowe Uderzenie / Poland, The Break Day / Poland, M1 Dance Battle / Poland, New Year Battle /Slovakia, Battle of the FourSide / Hungary, Next Generation Jam 3 / Slovakia, Undisputed / Czechy
Second place – Hip Hop Festival II /Poland, Second place – Jump Step Crew 10th Anniversary Battle Jam / Poland, Second place – Express Yourself / Poland, Second place – Bboy’s Wars / Poland
Poe One / USA, Xisco / Netherlands, Yarko / Poland. Greku / Poland, Kuzya / Ukraine, Sapa / Ukraine, Mazzz / Belarus


Kamil for people more known as Struz. He started his dance journey five years ago in Czestochowa, Poland. Currently he lives in Cracow, where he develops dance passion and skills. Training and dance performing for him is on first place in his life. He always try to be the best regardless all adversities. He always fight for his dance dreams……
















Maciej started journey with dancing in 2005 when he saw first time the legendary crew Flying steps. From that moment dancing and music are his passion and huge part of life. After when he decided to be a bboy he joined to Low Gravity crew. After one year hard working he started giving performance in front of an audience, he really liked give shows on the street at that time.
For over three years he was performing with Love gravity Crew and finally he changed team for Never Surrounded Crew. For many years he was attended to different workshops and dance lessons. He was thought by many famous dancers for example: Y’not, Alieness, Azizi Crew.